Equipment Financing : Helping Business Grow and Thrive

Equipment Financing: Helping businesses grow and thrive
When it comes to equipment needs, each business is unique. It has its own list of priorities – especially in choosing between buying or financing equipment. There are no right or wrong choices as strategies differ between businesses. Not all purchasing strategies yield successful results. Various factors, such as a company’s budget and the equipment’s cost must be taken into consideration.
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Worrying you might not be approved ?

Whilst no two people’s financial situation can be exactly the same, there are a few common reasons people are declined for finance. Some of these reasons can be overcome, some need some groundwork to be completed before applying to fix the problem, some other instances are unable to be worked around.
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5 Questions to ask your Broker when shopping for a loan

If you’re in the market to purchase a new large ticket item like a car or a boat, finding the right finance package is just as important as finding the right car.  Getting a loan that doesn’t suit your needs can be just as disastrous as buying a Lemon.  

Here are the 5 most important questions we think you should be asking your Broker or Bank before you take out a loan, making sure you are getting the loan that suits your needs and requirements the best.
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Fortunately the good 'ol days are dead and buried

We all know about the GFC, it gets blamed for everything from the budget wipe out to the hole in the ozone layer, but what real world effect has it had on our lending abilities today, and more importantly what have we learnt from it? Read More…

What’s all the hype about the number of credit enquiries I make… are they telling me I can’t shop around?

As consumers we are programmed to look for the best price possible. Whether it’s pestering the car dealership to throw in a bonnet protector and floor mats with the new car we want or circling the specials in the Woolies catalogue, we all want the best we can get with what we’ve got. It forms the basic cornerstone of day-to-day economics, and yet here the lenders are saying if you dare to look outside the neighborhood and see if there is a better deal out there, you will potentially be persecuted.
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