Different Types of Commercial Finance We Offer

It can be incredibly frustrating searching through the plethora of financing options that now flood the marketplace. There are so many different choices that it can take a huge amount of time to sieve through the different rates and terms, not to mention the endless pages of fine print you need to read. What you need is a service that takes your particular financial situation into account such as whether you have good or bad credit, as well as your specific requirements are. A service that then uses this information to weed out all of the unsuitable options, serving you only the most well-matched commercial auto loans for you to consider. You need someone who can provide you with a streamlined method of sourcing the best options, which will save you time, money and headaches. Whether you’re in Brisbane or elsewhere in Queensland, you need Paleso!

Assisting clients with good and bad credit for years
Paleso offers a vast range of options for commercial car loans in Brisbane and beyond. Individuals and companies seeking finance for autos to be used in the business or for employees of the business may require a new fleet, work van or a company car; the commercial car loans experts at Paleso can help you save time and money sourcing the right finance solution.

View the different types of Commercial Finance products on offer to see which one suits your needs. As always we advise you consult your accountant before making a decision on which type of finance facility you wish to obtain.

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Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase is a rental agreement, but differs from a finance lease in that the goods (the car or van etc.) automatically become yours once all terms of the agreement have been completed. With Paleso’s panel of lenders, ownership of the vehicle(s) rests with them until the final payment is made, however for tax purposes you may be able to claim equipment depreciation and interest paid, against your business income (check with your accountant).
You also have the option of including an upfront deposit or trade-in to reduce your rental commitment, while a balloon payment may also be set at the end of the term (much like a lease residual) to acknowledge the equipment’s end value. Alternatively, you may choose to structure your rentals to clear the debt in full over the term of your agreement.
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Chattel Mortgage

The most common facility taken up, Chattel Mortgage is essentially a charge over goods to be financed (the vehicle). A Chattel Mortgage allows businesses who operate under a ‘cash accounting’ basis to claim the full input tax credit from GST incurred expenses immediately.
This business car loan structure can be tailor made on a similar basis to a Finance Lease & Asset Purchase facility.
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A Lease is a form of rental agreement under which you lease your vehicle for an agreed term and rental amount. A residual value is set to reflect the vehicle’s value at the end of the term.
The car is owned by the finance company, but the lease rentals are tax deductible to you, as long as the goods are used in connection with producing assessable income.
At the end of the Lease you can make an offer to purchase the car from the finance company, trade it in on a replacement, return it, or extend the lease for a further term.
More specific types of Leases are available including Novated Leases and Serviced Novated Leases. Paleso can assist with these facilities as well.
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Low / No Doc Commercial Loan

In some instances a business may have not finalised its financial reporting for the previous financial year, or even the year prior, however still need to be able to obtain business equipment to keep the operation running. Paleso have a panel of bank and finance lenders that in certain circumstances can consider an application without the requirement of proof of the business income. Contact us to find out more.
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