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We only get one crack at life, and there aren’t thousands of people out there who have ‘Carpe Diem’ tattooed on them for no reason. To seize each day and live life to the absolute fullest is incredibly important for our happiness levels, and if your finances are getting in the way of making the most out of your life and scoring a new motorbike, we’re here to help.

How Paleso Finance Group will make your life easier
Now more than ever before, the market is completely flooded with a variety of motorbike loans and finance options to choose between. So much so that it can be incredibly hard to even know where to start your search and which will suit your particular situation the best. That’s why we’re here! Once you provide us with your details and requirements, we will assess the various bike loans throughout Brisbane and around Australia, and find a solution that matches up perfectly with what you’re after. We strive to deliver our clients with cheap motorbike finance each and every time.

Paleso have been assisting Australians in purchasing dirt and road bikes for well over 10 years. With multiple different Secured and Unsecured lending products available as well as access to extremely competitive comprehensive insurance products, we ensure you get out on the road or trails easier, and at a cheap price. Get a quote now and see just how easy it can be.
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With offices in several locations around Queensland such as Caboolture and Slacks Creek, Rockhampton and Mackay we’re sure to be able to assist you wherever you may be. Our experience doesn’t just include bike loans but stretches across various areas like boats and commercial car loans as well as a whole lot more.
Speak with us directly on 1300 326 658 or by emailing us, and we’ll respond to your request ASAP. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have about how we can help you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

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We have arranged over 19,000 loans for everyday Australians just like you! Get a quote now and find out why we are so popular.


Paleso Finance Group are local Queensland based Finance and Insurance Brokers. We offer credit assistance services via our branch network as well as over the phone and internet to consumer and commercial clients looking to purchase large ticket items such as Cars, Bikes, Boats, Caravans. We also assist with personal loans to help fund other life events like holidays and medical costs. We act as an intermediary between yourself (the consumer) and the most suitable lender for your profile and request.


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